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  • Darf's denn mal was anderes sein ?

    Gönnen Sie sich das Besondere. Neben unserem ethablierten Standard bieten wir Ihnen zusätzlich als Realaxzone während der Oxygen Inhalation die beliebten Blow Chairs mit Massagefunktion.


                                                   Oxygen is life ! 

    Oxygen is the drive of us human beings. So to say our fuel. Without fuel you cannot get far.

    Like it is with a machine. And somehow our organism functions like a machine.

    So now and then you should do a special service - in our case an inhalation.

    The daily ups and downs, stops and goes must be managed somehow.

    Stress, ecological damage and lack of physical activity can also influence the oxygen-status

    with younger People negatively.


    Usually we breathe 21% oxygen.That is the steady O2-share in our normal environment -

    No matter if you are in town, in the country or on a mountain. With OXY-FLOW

    you breathe in a special kind ionized oxygen - up to 94%.


    A highly concentrated oxygen inhalation improves absorption, utilization and transport of oxygen. Over a longer period the energy balance can be increased by 10% with a younger, well-conditioned person and even up to 90% with an older, overburdened person. Please do something against your lack of strength.


    If you …


    - Lack of drive

    - Lack of motivation

    - Weakness of concentration

    - Tiredness

    - Lack of pleasure

    - Overworking

    - Low ability to take stress

    - Stress trouble

    - Lack of energy

    - General signs of wear.

    - States of exhaustion  


    …Inhalations of high-percentige oxygen will help you out.


                 Oxygen - Vital – Inhalation


    You inhale 94% ionized oxygen in a comfortable massage chair.

    About one third of the population suffers under oxygen - deficiency - therefore under lack of power Inefficient oxygen supply of cells, caused by ageing processes of the cells membranes as aresult of unhealthy way of life such as lack of exercise, wrong food, nicotine and alcohol

    misuse and above all stress, can lead to disturbances of the metabolism of the cells.

    The consequences are tiredness, exhaustion, lacking in drive and increased susceptibility for



              Improve your oxygen - status!


    With OXY-FLOW you get high-proofed ionized oxygen - and take a deep breath in the end.

    An Oxygen-Vital-Inhalation Cure - 10 inhalations in possibly 14 days increases your

    Oxygen status with a long lasting effect.



      Effects- Oxygen-vital-inhalation-cure


    + Improvement on physical immune defense.

    + Lowering the susceptibility against infection.

    + Conditioning after career orientated or private constant stress as well as easing

        the consequences

    + Conditioning of expecting serious physical or emotional burdening.

    + Improvement on physical as well as mental efficiency.

    + Increasing of in high age strongly fallen power reserves.

    + Fighting against sudden deafness/Tinnitus

    + Lowering the frequency and strength of migraine attacks

    + Fighting against the disturbance of the circulation.

    + Lowering the side effects of pharmaca.

    + Rejuvenation of the biological age up to 10 years

    + A better and smoother skin.

    + A positive effect after jet-lag

    + A positive effect with hang-over



    Manfred von Ardenne


    Manfred von Ardenne examined the energy bringing change of nutrients and vitals in the blood vessels at the end of the 80s. There he discovered the results of insufficient oxygen

    supply: a swelling of the capillary wall cells in the blood vessels reduces the flowing of the

    blood, the red blood corpuscles can just only restrictedly transport the oxygen-molecules

    to the tissue cells, the oxygen supply of all body systems (organs, muscles....) will be

    reduced more and more. The energy, the vitality drops off noticeably.

    Oxygen-Vital-Inhalation causes a shooting-up of micro circulation, through that the capillary

    Wall cells go down again and so the circulation and oxygen supply will be improved and normalized.